Arctic Circle Race 2016 has started
The world’s toughest ski race, Arctic Circle Race, has commenced. The race takes place on Greenland’s west coast, about 40 km north of the Polar Circle. ACR is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which is celebrated with a royal visit. The Danish crown prince HRH Frederik (see pictures below) is participating in the three day long race where the contestants are camping in tents 58 km from Sisimiut city. Furthermore, is the 62 year old Arne Christensen participating, which is the first blind man to ever participate in ACR. The participants are providing their own equipment, doing their own cooking and are caring for their skis themselves. This is part of what makes ACR the world’s toughest ski race. This year there are 231 participants in the race, which is a new record. The participants are from 16 different countries from all parts of the world. These countries are among others Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Australia, Canada, USA, Latvia, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland and England. ACR, that was first took place in 1997, is mainly driven by volunteer work. A total of 235 people have worked hard to get the big sporting event up and running this year. The race is 160 km long, because that is the distance of the original route that went from Kangersusluaq to Sisimiut. Due to a lack of snow in this area, the rout of the race was changed and is now placed in Sisimiuts backcountry. Here, the participants are skiing in the beautiful environment between the mountains, close to the fjord. All of Sisimiut city is transformed to a celebrating during ACR. This year includes Anne Linnet with band, who performs at the completion of the race Sunday the 3rd of April.DSC_1829.JPGDSC_1815.JPGDSC_1739.JPGstart2_kopi_.jpgDSC_1900.JPG