ACR Camp rescued but the weather teases


ACR management communicate in a situation report that there will be an ACR Camp ready no matter what.

It has taken hard work all night. Among other things, there was snow 1.5 meters high, at several of the tents.

Large iron rods are bent and canvas torn by the wind. But making a camp with the space that is left.

This means a smaller dining tent and less common areas in general.

- We hope for the runners' understanding of the situation, says Jens Klaus Lennert from ACR.

- ACR is the world's toughest cross-country races, for both runners and organizers, he ends. 


Weather teases

The biggest problem for runners right now, is the choice of ski lubrication. With temperatures just around zero degrees Celsius, it is incredibly hard to choose.

Minus 5 - 10 degrees and zero wind will be optimal. Let us pray for sunshine when we gather in church later today.


Moreover, it is important for runners to get an overview of the things to pack, and a good tip is to divide things, and pack a plastic bag for every day, so things are easy to find when you're exhausted and cold.