ACR, day one: Top 3


Martin Møller came in first on the first day of ACR 2015. He came in after 3 hours and 19 minutes. 27 minutes before Tomas Caslavsky from Czech Republic. 


-          It was a really good day. I wasn’t stressed and felt good. I started out easy because I didn’t have much time to warm up. So the first 1/2 hour I followed the others and when I felt that I was a lot stronger and the terrain got stepper I got in front of the others and increased the gap between us. I became a little bit tired at the end, but I feel great. I want to run a fast race everyday and win the race, Martin says collects his luggage and goes to tent where he will sleep tonight.


Results from the first day


160 km


  1. 101, Martin Møller, Greenland, 3:19:23
  2. 102, Tomas Caslavsky, Czech Republic, 3:48:07
  3. 133, Frederik Lundblad, Greenland, 3:49:50


  1. 103, Kamila Borutlova, Czech Republic, 4:10:17
  2. 107, Rory Kathleen Bosio, Canada, 5:24:06
  3. 193, Marie Lundblad, Greenland, 6:05:44


100 km


  1. 1001, Vittus Heilmann, Greenland, 3:22:16
  2. 1031, Pavia Tobiassen, Greenland, 3:25:29
  3. 187, Ivik Jensen, Greenland, 4:25:48


  1. 1042, Simigaq Broberg, Greenland, 4:02:45
  2. 1044, Maliina Abelsen, Greenland, 4:02:46
  3. 1037, Karen Vindfeld, Greenland, 4:06:55



The camp on friday, the first day of racing.