Status update Saturday morning

Friday passed without major problems, only small bumps and blisters.

101 runners were signed up to 160km and 45 runners to 100 km, a total of 146 runners.

6 runners to ACR 160 km (131,146,169,172,173 and 178) did not show up for the start. 

In total there were 140 runners who started. 

1 ACR 100 km run (1032) had to drop out, and come back to town.

Additionally, 4 runners participating in the 160 km (139 179 188 and 191) is not completed Friday.



Friday night

There was not enough small tents for the runners as much was destroyed during the strong east wind the other day. Consequently, several of the runners were staying in ski lifts cafeteria.



The runners have a tough day ahead of them

Before the beginning there was minus 5 degrees Celsius, and there may come wind later in the day.

May well be that a few runners move from 160 km to 100 km day Saturday. 

Otherwise, Saturday, is the middle day in ACR, and the day where it really starts to hurt, for the many participating for the challenge and expirience. 

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