Australian to the Arctic

Trained in the desert before the Arctic Circle Race in Greenland


With number 146 David Macready is participating in this year's Arctic Circle Race (ACR).

The 41-year-old Australian is originally from New Castle north of Sydney, currently living in Saudi Arabia where he works training Fighter pilots.

- I looked for ”the hardest endurance races” on Google, David tells. Googles answer was Arctic Circle Race, and as  I always wanted to see Greenland, the choice was this.


- I have no background in cross country skiing, but I have done some alpine skiing before.

- Only 50 km in total with cross country skiing, David tells.


- I used roller skies for training i Saudi Arabia. We live in a place with only 1.8 km flat track, so it becomes pretty dull, David Explains.

- I also used a rowing machine, I have done some cycling, marathon kayakking, mountenering and half marathons.

- To learn endurance, I have been walking with poles trough the dessert, David ends.