Austrian endurance racer participates in ACR for the 16th time

Klaus Jeckel is participating in ACR for the 16th time and he is very positive about the race. “It is fantastic to be back. Arctic Circle Race is the highlight of the year. I really love the race. You are looking forward to the race all year and finally it’s happening now. And for now the forecast is promising, which is really nice”.

Claus Jeckel is not in a good shape if you ask him yourself, but he is still very ready for the race though. “I have to force myself to slow down a little bit and to take it easy so that I will not loose all my energy too early. It’s not possible for me to get in the top 10, but I will do my very best. I will run as well as I can, but my primary goal is to not run out of energy. This means that I will not try to keep up with the first group, even though I would like to. The race is so long and so tough and you cannot compare it to any marathon in Europe. Its much more tough! 4-5hours per day is tough!

I remember the first time I joined ACR, which was in 1999. The town has grown much in size and the race has become much more convenient. For example now we even have electricity in the camp, which is very nice.

Apart from this he is very positive that the danish crownprince, Kronprins Frederik is participating in the race. He cannot wait to go racing with both him and the other participants tomorrow and the following three days.