Blind man participates in the world’s toughest ski race

 Arne Christensen from Denmark is blind – but this does not mean that he cannot compete in Arctic Circle Race; the world’s toughest ski race, in the backcountry of Sisimiut, Greenland. Even though he is 62 years old, he decided to compete in the 20th Arctic Circle Race. Arne Christensen has been crosscountry skiing for many years and was in the olympics in 1994. He is still active and wants to show the world that that even though you are blind, you still have a lot of options. Therefore, participating in ACR is a goal to him personally and physically. He has been training for ACR for a long time. Among other things he spent five weeks skiing 1250 kilometres this winter while preparing for the race. Arne Christensen also has a team skiing with him, to help him find the right way during the three days of the race. This is a team of people, whom he trust. People who love skiing and want to help Arne get an amazing experience. Among others, Claus Geleff who participated in ACR last year, is on his team. Arne Christensen has big expectations for the race and is now waiting for the race to begin in Sisimiut. The race starts this friday. During ACR you can read more about Arne and his team helping him to finish ACR on our homepage and Facebook.