Britain’s number one alpine skier Chimene Alcott ready for ACR


Chimene Alcott, Chemmy just arrived in Sisimiut yesterday. She is a four time Olympian female skier and started cross-country skiing just two months ago. Now she is ready for the world’s toughest ski race in Sisimiut.

”I am very excited about the race. It is amazing here in Greenland.  I have been travelling all over the world, but it is different here. It is incredible and awsome in the right sense of the word. Sisimiut is an area of intense beauty”

Will she win the gold?
Chemmy Alcott is very competetive but as ACR meets her, she tries to convince us that she is not here to win.



”I am not here to win. I have never been cross-country skiing before, so I’m here to push my self out of the comfort zone.”

And the 32-year old british alpine skier will definitely be out of her comfortzone. She has never participated in a cross-country skiing race before and she has never been camping out in minus degrees. ”I am a little worried about sleeping outside in minus 15 degrees after racing for hours and hours. But if you are going to do it – why not jump in in the deep end?”

Amazed by the volunteer spirit
Chemmy is not only fascinated by Sisimiut’s beauty but alsy by the many local volunteer workers participating in creating an amazing event. ”I am also here to be part of the amazing event. All my career I have been very amazed by volunteers. And ACR is all about volunteer work. I really  like that”.