Canadian TV adventure junkies at ACR

With the world as their playground the two canadian ultra athletes Simon Donato and Paul Philip Trebilcock travel to challenge themselves and break boundries in the world’s most epic endurance races. Now they are ready for the world’s toughest ski race in beautiful Greenland.


 ”Artic Circle Race is an epic race. It has always been on my bucketlist – and now I am finally here.” says Simon Donato who has been cycling the hilly and wet roads in Thailand and rowing down the Amazon River and paddle boarding through Holland’s canals with his buddy Paul ”Turbo” Trebilcock

”Arctic Circle Race has  an element of survival. You are out there alone in the backcountry. It’s remote and beautiful out there. You race in a place that most people in the world have never seen or heard of.  And then it’s the world’s toughest ski race –so  we have to do it” says Paul Philip Trebilcock while smiling.

Both Paul and Simon are very amazed by the beautiful surroundings. ”Sisimiut gorgeous with the colourful houses and wonderful people. It’s a remote but beautiful comunity” 

We are happy about the canadian participation and excited to see how they will do and if they can make it to the top 10 list, as Simon Donato is hoping for.