Dad and son competing in ACR

67-year old Peter Søndergaard from Denmark is participating in ACR with his son Niels Krogh Søndergaard. Who will win the family battle? The experienced and older ACR participant  or his son, who participates in ACR for the first time?


Peter Søndergaard from Denmark is participating in ACR for the second time. Last time was in 2014. But this year he is accompanied by his 31-year old son, Niels Krogh Søndergaard. 

My son called me one day asking: ’Dad, you are not joining Arctic Circle Race this year, are you?’ – And all of a sudden I heard my self answering ’Yes. I am actually planning to participate’. But cctually it was never really my plan. But now I am here – and I am glad! Peter says. 

”It has developed into a farther-and-son-thing” which is very special to me. And then its amazing to be back in Greenland. I really like being uphere” Peter says while smiling. 



Peter is 67 years old and among the oldest participants in this years ACR. But he is neither scared nor nervous about the race. ”I hope I will finish the race and prove to my self that a man my age can still join races like this”.

His son Niels who lives in Nuuk is participating in ACR for the first time. ”My dad joined the race 11 years ago and I this year I thought to my self. Now its my turn. This year i want to participate as well’.

Both Niels and Peter are excited about the teamspirit and the the atmosphere at the camp, where the participants will sleep for two nights. Peter explains: ”Every year you meet new people from all over the world. I really like that”. Niels is also optimistic. "I remember the atmosphere in Sisimiut after ACR. Its very special. Everyone is so friendly and helpfull here. To me the best thing about ACR is definitely the teamwork, the positive atmosphere in the camp – and then of course the stunning nature” he says.  



”Of course my father and I want to help each other if we need to. I am pretty sure that I do not motivate my father by saying ’I will wait for you’.  I’m convinsed that I’ll have to tell him the opposite. But lets see who will win the family battle” Niels says laughing.