Frederik Lundblad 133


This year is the tenth time Frederik Lundblad participating in the Arctic Circle Race.

He has always been among the top 10.

His top ranking so far is number two.

This year he will be glad to be among the top five.


Top 5

At the top of the ACR 160 for men, says Frederik, it becomes a battle between Martin Moeller (101), Karl-Peter Kristensen (110) and Frederik Petersen (150), the latter named best athlete in Greenland.

Although Greenland is strong, there is thus room for a wildcard among those who come from countries. We get an idea after Friday's race.


- It is important to find a good ski lubrication, says Frederick.

- Right now we have light rain and plus degrees. It will give ice tonight. Therefore, I hope the piste machines running the entire route before each race day.