Greenland reaches new hights in international cross country skiing

 By Ane Storgaard Carlsen

Wednesday, march 29th 2017 was a special day to cross country skiing in Greenland. It was the day Greenland held it’s very first international FIS-race*. From now on you can go to Greenland to Arctic Circle Race (ACR) and combine it with inernational competitions.


Picture by Ingela Kælvedal

16 men and 12 women both national and international skiers participated in the FIS-race as part of the beginning of Arctic Circle Race 2017. Among others Kamilla Borutova from the Czech Republic joined the race. Kamilla Borutova is one of the absolute favourites when it comes to the women. However Kamilla Borutova finished second at the FIS race, because Uiloq Slettemark from Greenland was a little faster.


Picture by Ingela Kælvedal

We are looking forward to experiencing which of them will win ACR 2017. Martin Møller (On the picture Martin isin the very middle of the men) got in first in the men’s race. The FIS-race took place close to the centre of the Sisimiut, and was a succes.

Ingela Kælvedal from Sweden represented FIS and because of her, the race could take place in Greenland. Ingela Kælveda volunteers for FIS by working at different ski races all over the world. Among other things she manages the stop watch and makes sure, that the slope is approved by international standards.

Ingela Kælvedal is very happy, that Martin Møller wanted her to come to Sisimiut, which made the FIS-race possible. For Ingela Kælvedal there is no doubt, that it means something in the bigger picture, that Greenland has become part of the FIS community. She is sure, that it is both good to Greenland in terms of tourism and the cross country skiing-community in Greenland. To Martin Møller, who arranged for this to happen, the race also means a lot. As he explained, earlier Greenland only had small annonomous ski races. Now it is suddenly possible to get FIS points in his homecountry, which without any doubt made Martin both happy and proud.

 *FIS Race means The Fédération Internationale de Ski =The International Ski Federation, which is the world’s highest governing body for international wintersports – And among other things it includes cross-country skiing. 


The three male winners. In the middle is Martin Møller, who won the race.

Picture by Ingela Kælvedal


The three female winners. In the middle is Uiloq Slettemark from Greenland, who won the race. Kamilla Borutova (to the right) finished second best at the FIS race.

Picture by Ingela Kælvedal