Klaus Jeckel (105) participates in ARC for the 15th time


He is passionate about ACR and loves all about the race – but what makes him com back again again is the atmosphere at the camp ”Normally whan you compete in a cross-country race in Europe, you arrive, get your bip, race and then go home. Here it is different. You get to talk to people and there is a very special atmosphere at the camp. Its very unique”

Klaus Jeckel had a very good race today and came in as number 8 today. His time was 4:24:20. ”I am in a good shape but I did not know that I did so well. I am very surprised.


I started out taking it easy at the race because I wanted to save my energy for later. And it helped. But after the ’killer hill’ I started getting faster and faster – and I kept catching up the other participants. It was a great feeling. I even cought up Jørgen Leander from Greenland. I never expected this to happen. Normally he is much faster than me. So I am feeling great”