The last day's race just began

 After a night’s sleep with beautiful northern light the participants are now on their way back to Sisimiut after two days in the middle of nowhere. The mood and spirit is high, but for most of the participants the energy level is getting lower. For the participants doing the 160km race, a route of 54,9 is waiting ahead. For the participants doing the 100km race, the route is 31,8km. No matter what, a warm shower, some nice, warm and clean clothes and a party are some of the things waiting for the participants when they get back to the town later today. The weather is amazing from the morning and the many volunteers, who work hard to create the race are now packing down the many tents, that the participants have used for sleeping, eating, massage etc.

Tonight the famous Danish singer Anne Linnet will play for the audience. The already played a couple of songs at the sponsor’s night in the beginning of the race a few days ago.