Santa Claus from Brazil in ACR 

Joäo Antonio Basso Rezende (139) from Brazil moved to Sisimiut in August. Now he is participating in the world’s toughest ski race (ACR) dressed up like Santa.


- It’s so cool to represent Brazil at ACR. I think it’s the second time there is someone from Brazil participating and the first time someone from Brazil is trying to run the 160 km. I look forward to being the first Brazilian who finishes the 160 km.



- I moved here to Sisimiut in August to study as an arctic engineer here. I got this Santa costume as a Christmas present, but I haven’t gotten a change to use it, not before now. There is a Danish Christmas song about how the Christmas runs until Easter ("Nu er det jul igen og nu er det jul igen - og julen varer lige på påske"..). And it’s Easter soon, so I thought ACR was a perfect opportunity to dress up like Santa.