Ready for ACR? And are you up for another challenge?

Are you dying for Arctic Circle Race (ACR) to begin? And do you want to become part of Greenlandic cross country skiing FIS*-history? If you are tough, here is another great challenge before this year's ACR.

Af Ane S. Carlsen


Do you need another great challenge before ACR really starts? And do you want to be part of the Greenlandic cross country skiing history? On Wednesday 29 March, a couple of days before ACR begins, The very first FIS Race* ever in Greenland will be held!

The race is held by Martin Møller (see picture), who comes from Greenland and who has been a professional FIS athlete (and a faithful ACR athlete) for many years. A representative from FIS will also be present in Sisimiut on Wednesday 29 March.

In addition to that ACR has become focus of cross country skiing interest in the official FIS calendar. And according to Jens Klaus Lennert, the head of Arctic Circle Race, the interest in ACR has grown remarkably since then. Therefore a growing number of foreign athletes find ACR interesting. This year 215 people will join Arctic Circle Race, and there are twice as many participants from foreign countries this year compared to last year.

At the moment there is a lot of snow in Sisimiut, where ARC is held. Therefore the organisers’ of ACR has been working hard to prepare the slopes for ACR, that will lead the participants to the most beautiful and stunning nature. The participants will (as always) stay for three whole days in the middle of nowhere outside the Greenlandic town, Sisimiut, north of the polar circle. Here they camp in tents - even though temperatures sometimes drop below minus 30degrees -while the wind sometimes is also blowing!

And when the athletes return from the day's tough race, they have to prepare both skis, dinner, clothes for the next day etc. etc.. This is the true reason why Arctic Circle Race us called the world's toughest skirace. 

While the organisers are finishing off the last preparations before the official ACR opening next week, The local youth center and KNI A/S (Greenland's largest energy- and oil supply company) have helped a lot to get the last things set for ACR. As Jens Klaus Lennert, the head of Arctic Circle Race, just expressed, he is very greatful for the big support, he and the race has gotten.

*FIS Race means The Fédération Internationale de Ski =The International Ski Federation, which is the world’s highest governing body for international wintersports – And among other things it includes cross-country skiing.