The fog challenges ACR


The second day has been very challenging for the participants at the Arctic Circle Race. The foggy weather made it hard to see the tracks and all other surroundings.


Here you can see comments from some of the first who came in on day two.




Vittus Heilmann (1001)


- I have finished ACR 7 or 8 times before, this is my first 100 km race.  I had a good day today, but the fog was disturbing. You could only see to the next pole.



Maliina Abelsen (1044)


- I actually felt really great today and felt like a could have continued longer. The only problem was the weather and bad visibility. So today was good compared to yesterday. Yesterday I didn’t felt so bad when I arrived at the finish line.



Paneeraq Olsen (1029)


- Today I withdraw from the race. I had more energy, but I couldn't see much because of the fog, so I was afraid of continuing. Yesterday was good, but so though because of the many hills.