With only 1 day before the race start, the ACR has virtually no camp.

- It will be a race against the clock, says ACR President Jens Klaus Lennert.



Unfortunately, the majority of the camp was destroyed Wednesday because of the very strong east wind.

The two large tents, where there are dining rooms, kitchen, massage room, nursing station and drying room are all now useless.

Several sections have collapsed, and large iron rods bent and both the two large tents are filled with snow.

The most of the competitors' tents destroyed and filled with snow or below the snow.


ACR has decided to work hard to re-establish the camp but unfortunately time is against us.

If ACR succeed in restoring the camp, it will unfortunately only be a stripped down version.

The whole night through Thursday, many volunteers been out in the mountains to try to save the camp.

There will be a situation report Thursday before noon.



Missing runners

The weather has also had the consequence that there was no flight arrivals in Sisimiut Wednesday.

Thus, some runners have not yet arrived in the city, but now ACR hope the weather is getting better, and all participants can arrive in time before race start friday morning. 


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