Sleeping arrangements

Accommodation during Arctic Circle Race consists of numbered 2-man and 3-man tents, complete with a thermal groundsheet, cook set (incl. saucepan and frying pan) and matches.


Food tent

Next to the participant's tents you will find a big food tent. Here you can prepare your meal. Arctic Circle Race provides hot and cold drinking water as well as tea and coffee. All race officials will also eat their meals here. Prepared food is reserved for officials.


Cooking cabin

Food for the officials will be prepared here, and hot water will be available.


Toilet facilities

The toilet tent will have 10 earth closets.

Drying tent

A heated tent will be available for drying clothes.


Info tent

Here competitors can find any information they require concerning the camp. Luggage is also collected from and delivered to this tent.

Waxing tent

A tent will be available for the preparation and waxing of skis.

First aid tent

Here nurses and race doctors can provide treatment for injuries.


Massage tent

All competitors can have a 10-minute massage at the end of the first and second days. Please remember to register on arrival at the camp.


Timekeeper's cabin

All timekeeping is monitored from here, and all results will be put up on the information board as soon as possible. It is important that the officials in the timekeeper's cabin are not disturbed, and that all competitors refrain from visiting the timekeeper's cabin unnecessarily.