Description of the Race

The race takes place through the magnificent countryside around Sisimiut on Greenland's west coast approx. 65 km north of the Polar Circle. The total race distance is 160 km. The three-day race takes competitors through the magnificent, varied and sometimes harsh Greenlandic terrain. However - if you want to participate but are not sure that you can manage to ski 160 km., you have the option to join the 100 km race.

No matter if you choose the 160 km or the 100 km race, you will stay at the same camp and you will experience Greenland's true beauty. You have the chance to see the northern lights, you will get the chance to try dogsledding and snowmobiling - and you will experience greenlandic traditions both when it comes to music, dance and food.

Arctic Circle Race also has a third race, the Miki Race, which is a one-day race intended for children and young people not only from Sisimiut but also the rest of Greenland.


The green dimension of the Arctic Circle Race

The Arctic Circle Race Committee aims at promoting the Arctic Circle Race as a sustainable race in terms of the environment. We wish to limit waste and unnecessary consumption. As the race will take place in the same area each year, it is important to protect the nature of that area. Rubbish and waste in an outdoor area becomes even more obvious during the summer.

In an Arctic environment decomposition takes ten times longer than it does in Europe, for example, and the regeneration of nature takes even longer still.

During the Arctic Circle Race, we use dogsleds as part of our security measures. We also use snowmobiles as a means of getting to the camp.

As a race competitor you can help keep nature clean by avoiding the disposal of waste during the race and in the camp, and by remembering to use waste bags. Furthermore, you are asked to use your own cup at the drinking stations - and your own cutlery in the camp. If you smoke, please refrain from throwing cigarette butts on the ground.



The skiers' start number must be visible both from the front and from behind, to enable everybody to be checked in at each checkpoint. Classical style must be adhered to throughout the race. It is forbidden to drop litter along the route. Violation of one or more of the above-mentioned rules may lead to immediate disqualification.

For further rules and regulations, please refer to the International Ski Federation Competition Rules for Popular Cross Country Skiing.


The timekeeping is supervised by the Arctic Circle Race Committee. The umpire is from the Greenland Ski Association. The time of each competitor will be registered, and all competitors will receive an Arctic Circle Race diploma. Those who have not been able to complete the race will have this noted on the diploma.