Route marking

The ski trail will be marked with bamboo sticks, and signposts along the route will tell you how many kilometres you still have left to the next drinking station and to the finishing line of each stage. At the drinking stations competitors' numbers will be registered and noted down. We recommend that you drink as much fluid as possible at these stations and that you fill up your thermos bottle with water.

Drinking stations

At the drinking stations, energy drinks, biscuits, chocolate and an encouraging words await you. At the drinking stations you will meet the many local volunteers, who spend their holiday standing outside in the cold - just to cheer for you and to ensure that you have enough energy to keep going during the ski race.
Drinking bottles can be filled up at drinking stations. Don't forget your cup and bottle!



The routes changes every year - therefore the daily rutes change as well. Each of the three days you will ski a new route - no matter if you participate in the 100 km or the 160 km race. But we do of course always make sure that all participants will experience the most beautiful spots in the backcountry of Sisimiut, where the race takes place. Beneath tou will find the ski tracks as they looked in 2017.